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Thrifty Fall Decor

While I love to see what meals I can make on a budget, I also love to see how I can decorate my home on a budget, AND I also happen to LOVE fall. We live in a beautiful part of the country where the mountains turn glorious colors and the weather is perfect.

I'm going to share a few ways I decorated this year. I did it on a major budget, spending about $15 on everything. I love to make things on my own, and that always saves money. I also frequent the dollar store. Sometimes you can find some really neat stuff that do not look like you paid only $1 for it.

I used this tutorial and pattern to make these pumpkins. I didn't follow it exactly, but they were so easy to make!

I used things that I already had on hand to make this wreath. 

The pumpkins were purchased in a pack of 6 at Walmart for $3.00. The flag I've had for several years and the large arrangement was actually given to me. 

I made the wooden letter blocks myself. My husband cut them from wood we had on hand, and I simply traced letters that I printed out and then painted them. The mums need aren't doing the best but we were away for a few days and didn't get watered. The Scarecrow was purchased at the dollar store.

I made the banner with burlap printed scrapbook paper, then letters that I printed, then cut and glued on. The garlands were given to me by my mom, but she found 3 large garlands at a Goodwill Outlet store for less than $1.00 for all of them. Some even had the tags still on them.
The pumpkin centerpiece was purchased at The Dollar General last year. The Salt & Pepper shakers were purchased in a set at the Dollar Tree and the candle holders were $1 each at the Dollar Tree. 
 How do you decorate on a budget?

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