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Loaded Potato and Barbecue Chicken Casserole

Remember this recipe? This is a twist on that same recipe.

I had leftover grilled barbecue chicken that I wanted to use up. I didn't want to make barbecue chicken sandwiches, which would have been ok, I guess. But I took a chance and did this, and I'm so glad I did. I think I liked this version better than the original!

If you don't have leftover barbecue chicken, I used this recipe. Just cook up some and use it on this recipe. Or use a bottled sauce and cook it on your stove top.

You need barbecue chicken, I had 3 breasts left. 4 potatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, cooked bacon, crumbled, olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Mix oil and seasonings together. Peel and dice potatoes. I dice them pretty small so they cook faster. Mix everything together.  I use different amounts of seasoning in this version of the recipe to go with the barbecue chicken better. 

Layer on a baking pan and cook at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes or until potatoes are fork tender. 
Cut up …

1 Year Blog-iversary! Part 2

I'm back with Part 2 of the Top 10 posts from my first year of blogging! Hope you enjoyed revisiting some of my old posts.
Another Bi-Weekly meal plan post was pretty popular, but this one was all about how to plan your meals to use up leftovers wisely and also included some freezer meals.
This post was all about how I stained my kitchen island to match my cabinets.
This post was one of the first ones that I did, but it was one of my top posts for a long time. Slow Cooker Green Beans, Potatoes and Ham is made with fresh green beans from my garden. I can't wait for my fresh green beans this year to make this again!
#9 was a favorite of mine, all about how I bought two bar stools at a yard sale and made them into night stands for our bedroom!
And last but not of my favorite posts #10 This post told how I decorated and fed 13 people for my daughters 4th birthday for only $20. That might be a record I try to live up to for all my children's birthday parties…

1 Year Blog-iversary!

I cannot believe I've been blogging here for a year now! My first post was May 26, 2016 about My Recipe Binder. I'm not very good at sharing my menu plan every two weeks, but I still use the same system.
I'll be sharing my top 10 posts of the year in two different blog posts. This is part 1.

My most popular by far is the post I did about redoing my kitchen cabinets-and how I did it for only $100! They are still doing really well and I have no complaints. They still look great and I've received so many compliments on them.
This post on my Aldi haul and meal plan was number 2. Here I told about how I spent $113 at Aldi and planned my 2 week menu from that!

How I Organized My Laundry closet for $5 was all about how my favorite store (know which one it is? helped me out with this project.
Number 4 was my Farmhouse Bathroom makeover in Purple and White. Find out how I did it on a budget!
Frugal Farmhouse Decor is #5 and all about how I decorate on the cheap. Maybe …

Easy Crescent Roll Danish

Remember this post? I said I bought packs of the Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough Sheet for 2/1.00 at the local discount grocery store. Last time I made 15 Minute Garlic Cheese Twists and I said I would share another recipe using these dough sheets. 

This isn't exactly a danish, but close enough. If you need a quick and easy dessert or something special for a breakfast or brunch, this fits the bill.

I've based my recipe on this one at Pillsbury.

Mix softened cream cheese, vanilla and sugar together.

Roll out one package of crescent roll dough.

Place cream cheese filling mixture in the middle of crescent roll dough and fold in sides to cover up the edge of the cream cheese mixture.
NOTE: Next time I make this, I would double the cream cheese mixture ingredients amounts to make a thicker layer of cream cheese.

Mix together some sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle on crust. 

I made a raspberry sauce using this recipe, but it was a little too thin for this recipe, so I would just use you…

Homemade Ham & Cheese Hot Pockets

These are fun and easy to make, and so good! These are great for quick lunches, you could even take them on the go. 

These would be easier to make with the crescent roll dough sheet, instead of individual crescent rolls that need to be pinched together. I bought these at Aldi, and they didn't carry the sheet dough.  Also I used thin sliced, pre-cooked ham. You probably could use regular deli ham, but this is really a great way to use up leftover baked ham. You want those chunks of juicy ham in there to bite into. The cheese is a mixture of shredded cheddar and mozzarella and one piece of sliced American cheese cut up, just to give it some more meltiness. 
Mix the ham and 1/4 tsp of ground mustard together. 

Spread out the dough. I used one crescent roll piece for the two smaller ones for the kids, and three pinched together for each of the larger ones. 

Put a little bit of diced ham on each dough section and top with cheese.

Fold dough together, pinching the ends together.

Flip over…

Cheese Stuffed Pizza Meatloaf

My husband is not much of a meatloaf person. Me? I LOVE meatloaf. It's a comfort food to me. I made him this meatloaf thinking it would be something different that he might like. He liked it, but said it needed more cheese. So, I came up with this recipe that includes a LOT more cheese. This is a rich recipe, and can be made with lean ground beef and light cream cheese to make it a little lighter, but we won't be eating this too often, so I'm going all out for this recipe.

This is pretty simple, but one thing you need to try to remember is to not over-handle the ground beef. If you want tender meatloaf (and why wouldn't you?) Only mix it until everything is incorporated.
Once all the ingredients are mixed together, pat the mixture out flat onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

Take your softened cream cheese...

And spread a thin layer on top of the meatloaf.

Sprinkle the mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese onto the meet mixture.

Roll the meat up and pinch the ends tog…