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Crescent Chicken Roll-Ups

Hey guys.
Are ready for some pure comfort food? 

This is my mom's recipe and she made sure that I tell you all that. I loved it when she made these growing up. These are so good guys.
Here's what you need.

Chopped Onion (I used the dried kind because I was in a hurry), Salt, Pepper, Cream Cheese, Crescent dough, Pimientos, and Butter. The only things not pictured here is the chicken and that's because I was cooking it, and some water or chicken broth. Also, I only did a half recipe of this, otherwise you need more cream cheese and crescent roll dough.

So this is my chicken when it was cooked and chopped up. 

In a bowl, mix together the chicken, chicken broth or water, cream cheese, salt, pepper, pimientos and onion. 
Next, get your crescent dough ready. I do these a little different than my mom. I do single or half size by only using one crescent dough triangle per roll-up. 

If you want to make larger roll-ups, put two triangles together like this. This way is good if the…

Spring "Mantle" with Easter Touches

I redid my Spring "mantle" when I got some new decor. I love this new way I wish I could leave it up all year! (Actually, I love decorating for fall, so that will be the next exciting thing.)

I thought today I'd just share a quick post with a few pictures. Tell me what you think!

I bought this birdhouse at Michaels for $1 and painted it for a springy distressed look.

I bought this planter at Ross for $6.99 and added some blush and cream flowers to it.

I made this little crate out of Popsicle sticks. I glued it together and then painted it the same way as I did the bird house. I loved this crate as this is where I added my Easter touches. We don't do Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, but instead focus on the real meaning of Easter-Jesus. Rising from the grave and purchasing our freedom. There can be no greater reason to celebrate. 
I thought the small twig wreath reminded me of the Crown of Thorns. The small white flowers resemble the Easter Lily, which symbolizes puri…

Chicken Fried Rice

Remember in this post where I shared my simple and quick freezer recipe for Marinated Baked Chicken?

Well, we were away this weekend and so I wanted something easy that didn't require a lot of thought when we got back. So I pulled this out and baked it and we had this for supper along with Hasselback Potatoes and Green Beans. Super Easy.

We ate 4 of these pieces of chicken, leaving 3 for leftovers. I stuck them in the fridge and the next day I made Chicken Fried Rice. 
There are so many versions of this recipe. This recipe is how I make it, which is super easy to change up with different veggies. If I don't have this baked chicken on hand, I simply cut up some raw chicken into bite sized pieces and put it in a bowl. Add 2 TB soy sauce and 1/4 tsp minced garlic. Let it sit and marinate for about 15 minutes, then just toss it in a skillet and saute it. 

 Next I chop up some veggies. I normally just do these three. I quickly steam about 1 cup of frozen broccoli florets in the mi…

Today's Reasons Why I Love Aldi

Ever since Aldi came to town about 1 year ago, I keep finding more and more reasons why I love that store! Today I made sure I was there early to take advantage of the red hot deal of the week.

And I ended up buying more stuff than I went in for. :)

I originally only went in for the lantern. It was a 12" lantern for $7.99. $7.99!! It's so pretty and the price! I couldn't get over at how cheap it was!

I also found the 3 wick candle for $3.99. It's a "Hello Sunshine" scent and it smells so good.

The bone-in chicken thighs were $2.00 off so i got the package for $2.11 or $0.35/pound.

I divided those up into two packs of 3 each and two packs of 2 each and froze them.

The country style ribs were each marked $2 off, so I decided to get two and throw them in the slow cooker for supper. This was not on my menu but sounded good. 

I actually haven't cooked much off my menu so far. One day I locked my keys in the house so I spent the day at my husband's grandmo…

DIY Fun & Frugal Clothespin Wreath

I was "needing" a wreath for my back door and wanted a little different wreath. Something fun!
I have this wreath on my laundry closet door and so I thought I would do a little different spin on it and make one for my door.

This is such an easy wreath to make, you can do this even if you aren't super crafty.

I had just bought a new outdoor rug for my back door and I love the color combinations. This was the inspiration for my wreath. 

You need your craft paint in the colors you choose, a paint brush, a 9" cardboard cake board, scissors, glue gun, and clothespins.

I wish had the lime green in my rug and I didn't have any yellow, so these are the colors I ended up using. I also had this glitter paint that I wanted to use to add a pop of even more fun.

Fold your cake board in half and cut the center out of the board, making sure the clothespins cover the remaining ring.

Since I was using this outside, I covered the cardboard ring in tape to keep it from getting so…